“Obama Care”-Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Obama Care- effects and benefits


In 2010 the president of America, Barack Obama has signed a new Healthcare bill for the people. It is nothing but ‘Obama Care’ which is a plan for Healthcare reforms in the United States of America. It is officially named as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010 and is even known as ‘Obama Care’. This new effort has completely focused on providing better standards of Health Insurance and also to help the insurance industries, to improve the Americans Health Care rights. The main motto behind the President Obama care bill is to provide efficient Healthcare system, thereby providing Health Insurance Exchanges. The citizens are also provided with an opportunity to shop for insurance through online at best rates. However, the individuals can also receive cost assessment through the exchange in order to provide affordable insurance services for all the Americans.
Obama Care Bill Benefits

The Obama Care provides protection, benefits, and rights of the individuals. Few of the benefits provided by this system are as follows,
• To improvise Medicare for all the senior citizens.
• Access to the children’s health insurance program for all the kids.
• Along with the pre-existing conditions, it provides insurance that covers everyone.
• Reduces taxes for small-scale business, thereby providing Health Insurance to their employees.
• Providing better standards of health insurances by reducing Health Insurance cost with the help of Health
Insurance Marketplaces.
• Avoiding gender discrimination among all.
• Helping young adults stay with their parent’s plan until they turn 26.
An Obama care bill for Healthcare reforms in America
This has been introduced as the Obama’s Health Care bill regarding the improvements in terms of insurance industries. The Reform bill has expanded its Medicaid and Medicare, thereby creating an insurance plan for all the citizens. In many aspects, it is an effective program that will Reform more than 3 trillion dollars us Healthcare industries.
The Health Care Reform bill has been implemented with a unique idea for people who can easily purchase any kind of Health Insurance will be provided with the best quality of insurance. At the same time, the people who are struggling to get minimum health care will be provided with better enhancements. This will be achieved by the Medicaid or subsidized insurance that is linked to the health insurance exchange.
Need for Obama care bill
It is very important to have a healthcare system that completely provides long-term support for health regarding issues. Since the present health care systems are not facilitated to all the citizens and are not upgraded. So Obama Care will help in providing better facilities regarding the cost of insurance and will also help with insured protection and rights. The healthcare bill is included with better standards of improving health care for, employer-based plan for all the employees. It also facilitates special provinces for women, senior citizens and people who are not qualified with Medicaid.
ObamaCare requirements

The citizens of America should know the minimum requirements of Obama Care, so as to access its advantages. It is notified that all the health insurance plans that are sold in 2014 will meet the new health insurance system standards. Therefore, it is very much important that all the health insurance companies should follow the procedure given for the new Obama Health Care plan. Based on this system all the individuals insured with any kind of health benefits in 2014 will be provided with the best quality of health care and protection. And in case if any plan is not providing the new standards of Health Insurance then the individuals should change to the new plan while opening the enrollments.

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